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Minutes - Annual Parish Meeting - 27 Mar 2023



including Sutton Row and Lower Chicksgrove


HELD AT THE STALLS at 7.00 pm on MONDAY 27th MARCH 2023

Attendance: Cllr. H. Collins, Chair, Cllr. Mrs. K. Clutterbuck, Vice Chair, Cllr. M. Howes, Cllr. Mrs. C. Cartwright, Cllr. M. Charlick, Cllr. N. Najjar (Wiltshire Council), Mrs. Jane Childs, Parish Clerk

3 residents were also present

The Chair welcomed all who had attended.

1) APOLOGIES: Sir Jack Deverell, Lady Jane Deverell had sent their apologies

2) MINUTES OF THE LAST ANNUAL PARISH MEETING HELD 14 03 2022: These had been accepted as a true record and signed.

3) TO HEAR ANY MATTERS AND CONCERNS RAISED BY RESIDENTS: Concern had been expressed about passing places and traffic flow in Sutton Row and Lagpond Lane. It was noted that signage indicated narrow road with passing places, but no such places were indicated along their lengths. The Clerk had written to Highways to ask if records showed that WC had reserved passing places.

4) THE PARISH OF SUTTON MANDEVILLE AND THE CORONATION OF KING CHARLES: Mrs. Lara Colenso reported on plans brought together by the All Saints Community Group. A picnic is to be held at Ham Cross Farm – information made available on the parish website: A marquee has been donated, to be kindly erected by volunteers, the Parish Council would fund a portaloo, a number of activities are planned and it is hoped that as many residents as possible would attend in keeping with the King’s expressed wish that the Coronation would prove a valuable community event.

The Chairman thanked Lara for her work and enthusiasm in creating a memorable occasion to mark this significant event.

The Chair and Vice Chair put forward a tentative suggestion for the use of a portion of the land bequeathed to the parish by a former Rector, Reverend William Louis Walter, and held in trust. Part of the land is used for allotments and some rented and managed for wild life, though inaccessible. There is a right of way (ROW) above the allotment plots. It was proposed that a portion of the land could be made available for the use of residents of all age, as a place of play, to meet or just to sit and contemplate. Some clearance of undergrowth would be required, trees could be planted; it was suggested that a committee of interested residents could be formed to manage the area with a meeting held to determine its specific uses. The AONB and WC - Countryside Access could be consulted. Those present received the idea with enthusiasm.


Wiltshire Councillor: Cllr. Najjar, WC, looked back briefly on his 2 years as Wiltshire Councillor for Fovant and the Chalke Valley and took pleasure in a number of achievements; speed and new road safety measures, 5 new SIDS (Speed Indicator Devices), vehicular signage to keep HGVs from narrow roads and for allocating almost £100,000 for community projects within the area. A budget of towards £470m had been agreed with spending on adult and child social care, increased spending on highways and the regeneration of Salisbury as priorities. Cllr. Najjar believed this a cautious and affordable budget and that WC remained in a sound financial situation. Cllr. Najjar noted that as portfolio holder for Arts, Heritage and Tourism his aim was to integrate these with the growth of the economy by attracting more visitors, Culture and Heritage Trails, working with the AONB and promoting events such as the Big Green Week in May at the Nadder Centre and Dark Skies with the AONB.

The Chairman thanked Cllr. Najjar for his advice, support and for his attendance at Parish Council meetings.

Parish Clerk: The Parish Council has enjoyed a busy year once more. A number of planning applications had been considered - most with site visits - and with public meetings where necessary. Two decisions were awaited: the result of the Appeal for the development at Station Yard,Tisbury and the retrospective planning permission for the commercial use of Ham Cross Lodge and the Engine Shed at Ham Cross. Cooperation with neighbouring parishes had proved useful in the consideration of both.

New "Unsuitable for HGV" signage was still awaited for Glasses Lane and Lagpond Lane sadly delayed yet again by the award of a new contract for such work, this time to Milestones.

The condition of our local roads remained a concern and Councillors urged all residents to use the My Wilts app to report defects such as potholes, pooling of water, blocked drains and grips and severely eroded road edges. Issues of traffic flow and passing places in Sutton Row and Lagpond Lane were of concern and advice was being sought from Wiltshire Highways. Councillors were grateful to efforts made by The Compasses to urge clients to use the overflow car park and to respect residents and their property.

Maintenance of finger posts and notice boards remained a priority and Councillors had expressed thanks to Mr. D.Wilson for offering his skills to their repair free of labour charges.

Councillors were grateful to Cllr. Mrs. Cartwright for her continued work on improving rights of way (ROWs) with the securing and distribution of waymarkers to those landowners happy to receive them. The installation of pedestrian gates was awaited, dependant as we remained on volunteers from Tisbury. Cllr. Mrs Cartwright hoped that there would be sufficient enthusiasm among residents to form a Sutton Mandeville group of volunteers who would assist in the maintenance of existing ROWs as they walked – e.g. snipping bramble stems if they encroached upon the path. Councillors thanked all land owners who maintained their ROWs.

Councillors recognized that this was a most pleasant rural parish in which to live and would continue their efforts to maintain and improve it. They were most grateful to all residents who had worked to improve community spirit within Sutton Mandeville – those who had contributed to the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee, to the tree planting, to efforts to increase support for All Saints Church and to the upcoming marking of the King’s coronation.

It was clear that improved communication had a large part to play in this and all Councillors expressed thanks to Cllr. Charlick for his work in maintaining the attractive, user friendly and up to date parish website. Those who were not yet subscribers were encouraged by all Councillors to become so.

Horticultural Society: In her written report the Chair, Lynne Gailey, praised the quality of entries at last year’s Show, the first since 2019. This year’s Show would be held on Saturday 9th September at 3pm in Fovant Village Hall. Entries would be received on Friday 8th between 6 – 7.30pm and again from 8.30 – 10am on Saturday 9th. Judging would take place from 10am with doors opening at 3pm. A new prize was planned for the vegetable section and the number of children’s categories would be increased.

The Chairman thanked Lynne for her report and all Councillors joined in wishing the Show great success.

The full version of Lynne’s report is available at Appendix 1

Walter Allotments and Cemetery: Sir Jack Deverell had sent a written report available at Appendix 2. Dr, John Prince reported full occupancy and a small rise in rents to £30.00 per plot to compensate for the small deficit in 2022. The account had transferred to a new bank which made no bank charges for charities.

The Cemetery remained in good order.

The Chairman thanked Sir Jack for his report and was pleased that it had been possible to share this resource with residents from neighbouring parishes. Sutton Mandeville was fortunate in benefitting from the Walter Allotment Trust.

Parochial Church Council: Lady Jane Deverell had provided a full written report available at Appendix 3. Regular services had taken place. Evensong was celebrated on the first Sunday of the month and Parish Communion on the second. Additional services had marked state occasions, the Platinum Jubilee, the death of Queen Elizabeth 11 and the Bishop had attended Parish Communion in December. A congregation of more than 100 had joined in the Carol Service. Thanks were extended to Mrs. Helen Corlett for her willingness to play the harmonium.

The Parish Council shared the PCCs concern about lack of active support for All Saints Church, both in terms of worshippers and those willing to undertake responsibility for day to day organisation and running of the Church. Many residents had felt that the Church was a vital part of community life and under the leadership of Lara Colenso are working to increase the use of the Church and to regenerate community spirit within the parish. Two child friendly services have been held and the PCC has determined to look at new services with a broader appeal. All hoped that worship and community use would increase and thanked the PCC and Lara for their efforts to keep a working Church within the community. The Church remains generally in good condition; repairs are awaited to the plaster above the altar. Maintenance of Churchyard and Cemetery were demanding and costly if professional help were employed. It was hoped that volunteers among residents would help to keep these areas tidy now that the growing season had begun.

The Chairman thanked Dr. Prince for reading the report and for his empathy for those who felt that the Church though primarily a place of worship was for many a symbol of community.

Sutton Heritage Trust: No report was available but any written report received would be added as Appendix 4.

Community Group, All Saints

Mrs Lara Colenso described the purpose of the group, namely to bring the community together and from this desire it was hoped that there would grow a greater willingness to contribute to events and activities. Talks were planned as well as a Family Service on April 16th to raise the visibility of the Church and its place in the community.

The Chairman thanked Lara and wished her great success in her efforts on behalf of the whole community.

The Chair thanked all who had offered reports and to those residents who picked up litter and who contributed to keeping the parish so pleasant.

6) ANY OTHER BUSINESS: There was no further business.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.

There was no further business for the Parish Council.

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3

Appendix 4


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