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Maintaining Footpaths in the Parish - Call to arms (with secateurs)

Initial meeting at the Compasses Inn, Lower Chicksgrove

(front drinking / lawn area) on

Saturday 15th April at 12:30

We have some wonderful footpaths in this parish that give varied vistas over the Nadder Valley and Sutton Downs along with wonderful wooded walks. There is a shared duty to maintain these footpaths between the landowners and Wiltshire Council.

While Wiltshire Council do remove large fallen trees and actively organise projects such as installing gates, and larger projects building bridges or steps; their resources are few and stretched across the county. As a result they rely on residents to notify them of issues via MyWilts app and also support them in local clearing activities (along with landowners).

Some residents have noticed that the footpaths become overgrown especially at certain times of the year and have suggested that a group of like-minded people could group together to maintain access to these footpaths…

So this is a call to arms along with secateurs and pruning saws.

I propose an initial meeting at the Compasses Inn on Saturday 15th April at 12:30 to identify like minded folk.

This will be to determine:

  • The viability of the group

  • Terms of reference

  • Frequency and function of work parties

  • How we will fit with the Tisbury Footpath Maintenance group

If you are interested in being part of the revolution could you please attend the meeting or, if this is not possible, please contact me Claire Cartwright via:

e-mail or mobile phone 07771 960855

More information on the Wiltshire Council’s website (Rights of Way maintenance):


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