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All Saints Church
The Parish Council meets at All Saints Church four times a year. All are welcome to attend.

Council Aims

As a Council we aim to see and comment on every planning application made within the Parish. We take into account the special status of the Parish as part of an Area of Outstanding Beauty, the traditional nature of most of the buildings, suitability of building materials and the views of other residents.

Rights of Way & Environment
Our aim is to maintain our rural ecology whilst keeping our parish rights of way (footpaths and bridleways) safe and accessible for all to enjoy. We are working to improve public routes in liaison with stakeholders and landowners, with a funded upgrade programme for pedestrian gates, stiles and clear signage. 

It is our aim to keep the roads in Sutton Mandeville clean, pot-hole-free, drains clear and hedges and verges trimmed back. We work in conjunction with the Parish Steward to achieve this. If you have any concern about the roads in the Parish please get in touch.

Our mission is to enhance engagement with our parishioners by improving communication and dissemination of relevant information, using more efficient means such as this (new) website and our (new) regular subscriber newsletters. We want to make it easy to contact the parish council, understand what the council does and for us to provide a supportive response to questions or concerns. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do let us know.


Ultimately, we want to help ensure that Sutton Mandeville and Lower Chicksgrove continue to be

great places in which to live.

Parish Councillors 2024

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Parish Chair

& Planning

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Martin Charlick

Website & Finance

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Rights of Way & Environment

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Highways & Communications

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Kate Clutterbuck

Vice Chair, Rights of Way & Flood Warden

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Parish Clerk

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