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Possible Church Closure – PCC Report - Sep 2022

Parochial Church Council – Report - September 2022 - Jack Deverell

Church of All Saints, Sutton Mandeville

Dear Parishioners,

For some time the Parochial Church Council has been discussing the future of All Saints' Church - many of you will remember that we sent a questionnaire in 2019 asking how the Church might play a more central and active role in the life of the village. This process revealed ideas, mostly of a secular nature, but the overriding impression was that as far as religious worship was concerned, there was little interest.

The fact remains that the Church depends upon people to play an active role in both its religious, administrative and financial affairs. Although we receive financial support from parishioners who do not attend church, the burden of running the church; organising services and looking after the fabric and the grounds is falling to a diminishing number of elderly parishioners. Attendance at church is dwindling - at Evensong recently there were four people in Church including the Rector and the organist!

The PCC has reluctantly come to the conclusion that All Saints' Church is no longer sustainable and that a decision has to be made in November this year. Unless there is a substantial change in support, an application will be made to declare the Church redundant and seek closure. The future of the Church will then be placed into the hands of the Church Commissioners to dispose of as they think fit.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Deverell


September 2022

More information & historical context:

Fundraising (Monthly Church Draw):

The Church Draw is an important source of income for All Saints Church. The money raised makes a much needed contribution towards funding the ongoing general maintenance of the church.

You can support the church draw by taking out a subscription. The price is: £24 per number for the year (£2 per month) and the prizes are: 1st £40, 2nd £20 and 3rd £10. Payment can be made by cheque or online.

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