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Minutes - Parish Council Meeting - 22 May 2023



including Sutton Row and Lower Chicksgrove

DRAFT MINUTES of a meeting held on 22nd May 2023 at 7.30pm in All Saints Church, Sutton Mandeville - subject to later approval by Councillors

PRESENT: Cllr. H. Collins Chair, Cllr. Mrs. K. Clutterbuck Vice - Chair, Cllr. M.Charlick

Mrs. J. Childs, Parish Clerk, 3 residents were present.

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

1. APOLOGIES: had been received from Cllr. Mrs C. Cartwright, the Vice Chair reported that Mrs. Lara Colenso had sent apologies.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTERESTS: No interests declared.

3. PUBLIC QUESTIONS: A resident had noted that the tree planted for the Platinum Jubilee was failing and was thus now felt to be an inappropriate commemoration. Two young birch whips had been planted. The other thrived but was now some way from the stone and plaque. Councillors resolved that a sum of £100 be allocated to the planting of a more mature tree in the autumn.

A resident enquired about the difficulty of finding passing places on Sutton Row – marked at both ends as “Narrow Road with Passing Places”, but with no specific passing places. The Clerk had received no reply to her letter requesting advice from the Highways Officer. Councillors requested the Clerk to pursue the matter once more.

The Clerk reported concerns about the failed drainage on the C24 from Ham Cross to the junction with Sutton Row and SM 21 leading to a large accumulation of water and debris on the night of the recent storm and cleared by a local resident who had called on the services of Mr. Matt. Fry from Tisbury. Reports to Southern Highways and to the Wiltshire Councillor had resulted in no action to date.

The dilapidated fencing at ex RAF Chilmark site opposite Ham Cross had been noted and enquiries would be made with the hope of securing a tidier boundary fence.

4. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETINGS HELD ON 13th February 2022: These were signed as a true record.

5. MATTERS ARISING: Action would be taken as indicated above.

6. CONFIRMATION OF COUNCILLOR RESPONSIBILITIES: All Councillors agreed to continue in existing roles:

Cllr. Collins, Chair - Planning, Finger posts

Cllr. Mrs K. Clutterbuck, Vice Chair - Flooding and Emergency, Highways

Cllr. Mrs C Cartwright - ROWs and ROW improvements

Cllr. M. Charlick - Parish Website

Cllr. M. Howe - Highways, Sutton Mandeville to A30, Panters and Fovant

The Chairman thanked all Councillors for their hard work.


8. AREA BOARD/LOCAL HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS IMPROVEMENT GROUP (LHFIG, EX CATG): LHFIG would meet on 31st May at 2pm in the Nadder Centre. HGV signage was still awaited.


  • 5 cheques were signed totalling £479.34

  • Expenditure for the year 2022 - 2023 had remained in line with budget expectations. Sums reserved for pedestrian gates and HGV signage remained in reserve.

  • The Annual Statement of Governance was completed.

  • The Annual Return was approved

  • The Chairman signed the Certificate of Exemption

Councillors wished to record their thanks to Mrs Anna Huke who, once more, had kindly completed the Internal Audit of the Annual Return.


RIGHTS OF WAY (ROW): Councillors noted that a re routing of one ROW was being investigated by a resident.

FINGER POSTS: Repairs to the Ham Cross finger post had been completed. Thanks were due to Mr. D. Wilson and to the Chairman.

ALL SAINTS COMMUNITY GROUP: It was agreed by all present that the Coronation Picnic at Ham Cross had been a huge success. Particular thanks were owed to the landowner for the wonderful location, to Mrs Lara Colenso and the All Saints Community Group for their superb organisation of the event and to all who contributed to the auction and to the raffle.

11. PARISH WEBSITE: The Chairman passed on this item because of time pressure. All Councillors agreed it was a most attractive website.

12. PLANNING: An appeal had been made to the Planning Inspectorate about land adjacent to The Stables. A planning meeting would be held on 12th June at 6pm in the Church. Notices of the appeal and of the meeting would be placed on the notice boards.

The Chairman thanked one resident who had drawn attention to what he believed were several inaccuracies in the appeal and added that Councillors had determined that planning applications for development on green field sites would always be called in.

13. CORRESPONDENCE: There was no additional correspondence.

14. ANY OTHER BUSINESS: There was no further business.


The next Parish Council Meeting would take place on the Monday, Sep 11 2023 at 7.30 pm in the Church.

The meeting closed at 9 pm.

Councillors remained for an item of reserved business.


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