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Road Safety Update - Wiltshire PCC

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Since taking office, PCC Philip Wilkinson has been very clear on the need to improve Road Safety across Wiltshire and Swindon.

You will find regular performance updates on the PCC website in relation to Road Safety. The PCC works very closely with Wiltshire Police and various partners to continuously challenge for improvements.

We know that our residents want safer roads and proactive, robust, measures to decrease speeding. We are regularly told that this is one of the key priorities for communities across the county.

What are we doing?

During the last year, we have invested funding from your precept to increase the number of Community Speed Enforcement Officers (CSEOs) from one to three and bought extra mobile state-of-the-art speed enforcement cameras to bolster their efforts.

This means the team can effectively cover more parts of the county on a daily basis – and they have been doing just that. A new Traffic Administrator has been recruited to process speeding tickets.

Investment from precept funding was also used to increase the size of the road policing teams by 20%; (five teams of five cars rather than five teams of four cars) and the appointment of three new Community Road Safety Officers (CRSOs).

We are also using the data from Speed Indicator Devices, feedback from our communities and other intelligence methods to target road safety hotspots.

We are also making available the latest speed enforcement results of the Community Speed Enforcement Officers of Wiltshire Police, which you can view by clicking below.

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