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Footpaths Brief - Claire Cartwright - Jan 2022

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Footpath news - parish update.

We are so lucky to have so many footpaths in our parish to give most of us access to the splendid countryside around us.

I know that over the last two years it has supported me physically, mentally and socially; as meeting other dog walkers (at a social distance) has helped me endure the lockdowns.

Last year the parish applied for a grant for some new pedestrian gates and our bid to the Area Board of South West Wiltshire was successful. This money will be used to improve the accessibility and connectivity of the footpaths. Funds are however limited and so not all of the improvements we would like to do, will be possible, but it is a start.

Just before Christmas the Tisbury Footpath Club ( the maintenance part) cleared some of the vegetation along the bridleway SMAN20 linking with CHIL7. This group help keep the paths clear and accessible - with our grateful thanks.

If you have a spare 3 hours each month to help with maintaining the footpaths, I know that they would welcome you - they are all very friendly and it’s great to chat while improving the local area for the community. See their website for more information:

Footpaths / bridleways do sometimes become more difficult to use due to: vegetation growth, trees falling or deterioration of stiles. If you let the parish council know we will support you in alerting the landowner whose responsibility it is to maintain the access of these paths.

Happy ‘walking’ to you all !


Claire-Louise Cartwright

Sutton Mandeville Parish Councillor

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