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Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Would you like to contribute to this website by writing a short article or providing photographs, brief text or content of interest to the parish?

We are looking to add posts on the following potential subjects to expand our Parish Articles and History sections in due course, with any contributions from members of our parish welcome.

Cemetery History & People

Queens Silver Jubilee (1977)

Cribbage Hut /Lancers

Compasses Inn (history)

Flood Warden

Kissing Gates /Accessibility

Other ?

Flower Show (PUBLISHED)

Fingerposts (PUBLISHED)

Highways (Speeding & Signage) (PART-PUBLISHED)

Cranborne AONB /Night Sky Reserve (PUBLISHED)

All Saints Church (PUBLISHED)

The articles we create for the website are intended to be interesting and informative (not advertising) and where appropriate include links to further reference websites.

If you have photographs or other interesting documents and can provide the basic content, we will compile and publish the article on this website.

Articles can be fairly short, the emphasis being on interest rather than quantity.

Cemetery History & People - a look at the background to some of the interesting ancestors and characters of Sutton Mandeville buried in the church cemetery.

Silver Jubilee 1977 - do you have photographs of village events /gatherings held in Sutton Mandeville /Chicksgrove in 1977, we can show /write about?

Cribbage Hut /Lancers - place of first parish council meeting in 1974, any history or photographs of this plus history of use… (this was a pub /hotel at one time…?)

Compasses Inn - to illustrate history or interesting /anecdotal about building /usage /interior /events, that most won’t know about.

All Saints Church - we intend to add some further details of church funding and activity to expand on the existing website article. (PUBLISHED)

Flower Show - history and description of show, organisers and plans for 2022, what and how to take part etc., photographs of previous shows? (PUBLISHED)

Flood Warden - like our Parish Steward article, description of role and what the system for communication locally is, precautions, photographs of local incidents, actions taken, help available etc…..

Kissing Gates - types of gates, reasons for use in different situations and financial options for landowners, how to go about sourcing and installation, accessibility for wheelchair considerations.

Fingerposts - like our footpaths article, a bit of information about, location and number in parish, details of repairs /parish contributions, costs, maintenance - photographs of before /after repairs. (PUBLISHED)

Speeding & Highways - description of options /challenges for managing speeding in the lanes, SIDS, costs and financial support. Details of HGV signage sourced, parish contributions, locations, benefits - sample photographs of SIDS and HGV signage. (PART-PUBLISHED)

Cranborne AONB /Night Sky Dark Reserve - like our Sutton Badges article, just a broad outline with website link for more detailed information (PUBLISHED)

If you have ideas for other articles you would like to see on our website or information you would find useful, please let us know through our Contact page.


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