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Community Policing Team - Sutton Mandeville

Wiltshire Police is committed to ensuring our communities are at the heart of our policing model. This will help us meet the needs of those we serve in the most effective and transparent way possible.

We first introduced our Community Policing model in 2016 and, in the last five years, we’ve updated and adapted the model to reflect the changing needs of our community. This ensures our model continues to be effective for 21st century policing.

In 2019, we restructured the geographical Community Policing Team (CPT) areas and introduced dedicated neighbourhood officers.

Our neighbourhood officers focus directly on working within the community, offering greater contact with the public and take a problem-solving approach to local community issues.

Your Community Policing Team

We continue to work hard to embed our neighbourhood officers within the town and parish communities and we are working to raise awareness of these teams and how the public and partners can best engage and communicate with them.

We want every resident to know who their local officers are and how they can contact their local Community Policing Team (CPT).

CPT Warminster* covers the areas of Warminster, Westbury, Tisbury, Mere and surrounding areas, including Lower Chicksgrove and Sutton Mandeville:

Kevin Harmsworth


Matthew Roberts


Mike Obern

Police Constable

Stewart Hunt


In the case of an emergency please contact 999 and for non-urgent crimes and incidents, please call 101.

You can also find out more information about your local team and priorities in the ‘Community Policing Team’ area on the Wiltshire Police Force website.

Deb Smith

Assistant Chief Constable - Wiltshire Police

* information correct @ May 2023


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