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Volunteering in Wiltshire

Community First is a registered charity based in Devizes, that has supported rural communities across Wiltshire, for over 50 years. Many of the successful services and programmes they oversee could not exist without the support of volunteers who have a highly positive impact on the wellbeing of local communities.

Community Transport & Link Schemes

Link schemes are volunteer led services which aim to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged, elderly or disabled people by helping them access important local services including medical appointments or by providing practical help with small tasks around the home or garden.

As the transport service is provided by volunteers using their own cars, passengers are invited to give a donation to cover the cost of running the service.

Do you love driving? Do you enjoy meeting people and getting out and about in your town or village? Your local Link Scheme or Community Minibus Group would love to hear from you! With over 2,000 volunteers supporting community transport schemes across Wiltshire and Swindon, you will be joining a friendly group of like-minded people who make a real difference.

Find out more about the Transport Link schemes and get involved with your local service:

Link Co-ordinators

Volunteer coordinators are also needed to assist the operation of the transport and other link schemes, typically working at home receiving and organising requests by telephone.

Link schemes help to keep local communities connected to vital services, by connecting volunteer drivers (using their own cars), with passengers who have limited access to transport.

Each local Link scheme is run by a group of driver volunteers managed by a Link Co-ordinator. People wishing to use the service, simply call their local co-ordinator who will endeavour to arrange for a volunteer to carry out the task.


If you have some spare time and would like to find out more about how to volunteer as a Driver or Link Co-ordinator:

email: or call 01380 722241


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