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Planning Application - The Homestead - Update

Parish Council Public Meeting (to consider this application):

Monday 13 May 2024 at 7pm

Note Change of Venue, meeting now moved to:


Manor Farm (access via A30)

Salisbury SP3 5NH


Application 1 - new agricultural building

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Erection of agricultural building and a construction of new access from Sutton Hill, hard and soft landscaping and associated works

Case Officer: Becky Jones

Consultation deadline: 15 May 2024


DATE: 13 May 2024

STANCE: Object

COMMENT: At a public meeting held at The Stalls cafe, Manor Farm on Monday 13th May 2024, Sutton Mandeville Parish Council voted to object to this proposal for the following reasons:

1. The proposed site for the structure is not appropriate because it is at least 70m from the house and other buildings and requires the loss of pasture. Also, the plan shows an area of hard standing greater than the structure itself which could become a car parking area. The proposed new access from the road, with its requirement for extensive splays, would damage the street scene and detrimentally alter the character of the natural landscape. Application PL/2023/00647 included the conversion of a traditional barn near the house to provide accommodation and a swimming pool which result in restricted access to existing out buildings. These approved plans have given rise to the current need for further development of land at The Homestead. The extent of these new proposals, along with PL/2024/03227 at the same address, represent excessive development of this historic site within clear view of SMAN 3, SMAN 13 and neighbouring houses.

2. The Planning Statement says that the proposed structure would be of a scale, form and appearance commonly seen and expected within this farmed landscape, yet the drawing shows a T&G building resembling a large garden shed which is out of place in the corner of an agricultural field. Further, the Statement cites 17/02615/FUL which granted permission for an agricultural building at a neighbouring property for machinery storage. That permission has lapsed and agricultural activity there remains restricted to one expedient annual forage cut, which in hindsight may not justify a building serving a one hectare field. Were permission granted for the current proposal at The Homestead, further similar applications in the area may arise forming a new pattern of development with precedent.

3. There is no mention of previous agricultural activity on the land adjacent to The Homestead, nor is there a DEFRA holding number. The Parish Council is not convinced of the need for an agricultural structure where little or no farming takes place. The pasture covers approximately one hectare of land, and although it is by definition agricultural land, there is limited scope for farming activities. Until recent consented developments there was already adequate provision for storage on the property.

4. PL/2022/03875, relating to Land Adjacent to The Stables (approximately 100m from The Homestead) claimed that a small parcel of pasture was not viable for agricultural purposes and this was presented as justification for a proposed a new dwelling house. PL/2022/03875 was rejected on appeal. The issue here is appropriate and necessary development, and the conservation of agricultural land for the purposes of agriculture, at least in principle, and the protection of the landscape within the ANOB.


Application 2 - solar array

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PL/2024/03227 - Householder Application


Installation of a ground mounted solar array and associated works

Case Officer: Becky Jones


Consultation deadline: 28 May 2024


DATE: 13 May 2024

STANCE: Object

COMMENT: At a public meeting held at The Stalls cafe on Monday 13th May 2024 Sutton Mandeville Parish Council voted to object to the proposal for a solar array due to its scale and position in the open field. Despite assurance of screening with vegetation the footprint of the array would have a detrimental and adverse impact on the landscape. It would be visible from several places along SMAN 3 and SMAN 13, and because of the industrial materials will be obtrusive in its proposed location and is inconsistent with any notion of cultural heritage within the parish. A 33kW array may be considered a micro power station in that it is several times larger than what may be found on an average house roof. The PC did not object to PL/2023/00647 which sited a slighly smaller array nearer the house and a mature hedge. Permission was granted for this, although nearby residents were not properly consulted for comments in the post covid period of winter 2022/23 and subsequently raised concerns. Any proposal which seeks to remove agricultural land must be carefully assessed on its merits, and in this case SMPC cannot see clear and compelling justification which would be acceptable to the parish as a whole.


Further comments:


Email received by Parish Council from the office of Cranborne Chase National Landscape 7 May 2024

The National Landscape is generally supportive of solar panels on roofs when there are not Listed Building or Conservation Area issues. We are concerned about good farm land being turned to industrial, energy generation, purposes.

Our Position Statements support the Management Plan, and are endorsed by our Board, and the one on field scale photovoltaics is probably the most relevant:

Policy PT16 is clear that renewable energy projects need to integrate with landscape character, are neither visually intrusive to the designated area or its setting, nor impair significant views to or from it, are not harmful to wildlife, and are of an appropriate scale to their location and siting.

I hope that is helpful to your Parish Council.

Richard Burden BSc DipCons MSc MCMI(rtd) MCIPD FLI PPLI

Chartered Landscape Architect

Principal Landscape & Planning Officer (part-time, Mon-Wed) 

Cranborne Chase National Landscape - an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty 

Cranborne Chase NL Office

Rushmore Farm, Tinkley Bottom, Tollard Royal, Wiltshire, SP5 5QA

Tel: 01725 517417

Hosted by Wiltshire Council

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Wiltshire Council Climate Team response 30 April 2024


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