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Minutes - Parish Council Meeting - 9 May 2022



including Sutton Row and Lower Chicksgrove

DRAFT MINUTES of a meeting held on 9th May 2022 at 7.30pm in the Church - subject to later approval by Councillors.

PRESENT: Cllr. H. Collins Chair, Cllr. Mrs. K. Clutterbuck Vice - Chair, Cllr. Mrs. C. Cartwright, Cllr. M. Charlick, Mrs. J. Childs, Parish Clerk, 3 residents were present.

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

1. APOLOGIES: had been received from Cllr. Howe and from Cllr. N. Najjar,WC.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTERESTS: No interests declared.

3. PUBLIC QUESTIONS: A resident enquired about whether a car park of hard core and fencing installed in a field required planning permission for change of use. Cllr. Cartwright confirmed that the slight change in the course of the footpath had been authorised. A further resident asked whether the extension of the period allowed for an awning permitting external dining required planning permission particularly as this would add pressure to parking. The Clerk was asked to pass these enquiries to WC Development Management.

4. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETINGS HELD ON 28th February 2022: These were signed as a true record.

5. MATTERS ARISING: Cllr. Mrs Clutterbuck once more raised the question of a resilience plan to cope with emergencies like power loss, adverse weather and flooding alerts. Councillors agreed such a plan was desirable and would meet outside of the Parish Council meeting to devise such a plan with the aid of a template. With this in place it could be possible to secure appropriate equipment.

6. WILTSHIRE COUNCIL: WILTSHIRE COUNCILLOR'S REPORT: Cllr. Najjar's written report would be added to the parish website once received.

7. Area Board/CATG: the SWW Area Board was working hard to achieve increased use of the Nadder Centre.

CATG: The Clerk would contact the Highways engineer about the new HGV signs for Glasses Lane and for Sutton Hill.


a) 4 cheques were signed totalling £339.02

b) Expenditure for the year 2021 - 2022 had been in line with budget expectations

c) The Annual Statement of Governance was completed and signed.

d) The Annual Return was approved and signed

e) The Certificate of Exemption was signed by the Chairman

Councillors asked that thanks be recorded to Mrs. A. Huke for completing the internal audit of the parish accounts. She had noted that there were no invoices for 2 Councillor Fundamental Training courses, run by WALC, attended by 2 Councillors and had asked the Clerk to make contact with WALC to request invoices or receipts.


a) Rights of Way (ROW): Cllr. Mrs Cartwright stated that an order had been placed with WC for 6 pedestrian gates, all appropriate to their situation. Installation would be carried out by established volunteer groups working with the ROW Officer. She had also ordered new waymarkers, all of which would be placed with the agreement of landowners.

One resident reported considerable abuse from walkers, the fact that dogs were not always under control and walkers not sticking to the footpath. Another resident reported that some of the stiles in use made walking with a dog difficult. The Chairman hoped that waymarkers would ensure walkers kept to the paths.

Councillors thanked Cllr. Mrs. Cartwright for her work.

b) The Platinum Jubilee: Cllr. Mrs. Clutterbuck reported on events planned for the Jubilee. These included a BBQ at Manor Farm on Thursday 2nd June to include the lighting of a beacon at the top of Sutton Down, a tea party on Sunday at Church Farm where all were invited to bring their own food, drink and cutlery. This would run from 3pm and would be followed by a short thanksgiving service in the Church at 5.30pm. Councillors asked that thanks be recorded to Mr. Paul Cordle for securing a stone and plaque which would be placed by the tree along with a time capsule.

c) The Three Towers: Councillors agreed to a donation of £100 in the current financial year towards production costs. Those present appreciated the magazine. Funding and the possibility of an online publication were discussed.

10. PARISH WEBSITE [] : As there was insufficient time for Cllr. Charlick to make his report he subsequently submitted one in writing advising that the website now had 35 subscribers that new articles had been added and that newsletters sent to subscribers could now combine notice of several web articles at a time. Cllr. Charlick added that there had been little or no resident feedback on the website thus far. More subscribers would be welcomed.


The application from The Compasses Inn remained under consultation.

Application PL/2022/00635 Rowan Tree Cottage was discussed. The applicant was present and explained that the proposal was for a new build 2 storey dwelling for the use of the applicants on the 0.7 acre site on which Rowan Cottage was situated; the proposed dwelling was not overlooked and had met with no opposition from neighbours.

The Chairman explained that 3 Councillors had made a site visit but were concerned about the lack of information accompanying this application: there was no list of consultees, no design and access statement and no detail relating to building materials.

The Clerk had been asked to contact the Planning Officer regarding this but no further detail had been supplied.

The Chairman, speaking on behalf of Councillors, determined that there was thus insufficient detail to enable a decision to be reached and the Clerk was asked to complete the Planning Response form accordingly.

12. CORRESPONDENCE: There was no additional correspondence.

13. ANY OTHER BUSINESS: There was no further business.

14. DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING: The date of the next Parish Council meeting would be confirmed.

The meeting closed at 9.10 pm


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