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Minutes - Parish Council Meeting - 27 Sep 2021


MINUTES of Parish Council Meeting held on 27th September 2021 at 7.30pm in the Church - subject to later approval by Councillors

PRESENT: Cllr. H. Collins Chair, Cllr. Mrs. K. Clutterbuck Vice - Chair, Cllr. M. Howes, Cllr. Mrs. C. Cartwright, Cllr. M. Charlick

Mrs. J. Childs, Parish Clerk

2 residents were present

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

1. APOLOGIES: had been received from 1 resident and from Cllr. N. Najjar,WC

2. CO OPTION:The Chairman was pleased to welcome Mrs. Claire Cartwright and Mr. Martin Charlick as coopted members of the Parish Council. He thanked them for their willing ness to offer their time and skills to the running and improvement of the parish. Both Councillors signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

3. DECLARATIONS OF INTERESTS: No interests declared.

4. PUBLIC QUESTIONS: There was a request from a resident for the Parish Council to investigate the possibility of a 20mph speed limit throughout the narrow lanes within the parish. The Chairman explained efforts made previously to secure such a limit in Sutton Row had met with no success. The Clerk was asked to seek advice from WC's Highways Engineer about how best to proceed. Cllr. Charlick would also investigate the possible purchase of 20mph stickers for waste bins.

There had also been some interest expressed in kissing gates. Sutton Mandeville Parish Council did not have its own team of volunteers for footpath maintenance thus help would be needed for installation of gates. The Chairman agreed to consult about the location of the gates requested.

5. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETINGS HELD ON 9th August 2021: The Chairman signed the minutes which were accepted as a true record.

6. MATTERS ARISING: Requests had been made for 2 Traffic Surveys on the C24, Lower Chicksgrove. WC had informed Parish Councils of delays in meeting survey requests. Requests had also been made for the refreshing of white lining at various points along that road.

7. WILTSHIRE COUNCIL: WILTSHIRE COUNCILLOR'S REPORT: Cllr. Najjar, WC, had circulated a report to Parish Councils highlighting his drawing to the attention of the Police and Crime Commissioner the problems with speeding vehicles through the parishes, the Area Board grants for the Chalke Valley Sports Centre and for the Fovant Youth Club. Cllr. Najjar had met with Cranborne Chase AONB to discuss future plans and had led a discussion about eco-friendly initiatives for parish councils.

CATG: Had agreed to fund HGV signs for Glasses Lane and Sutton Hill at their junctions with the A30 as well as to install a road nameplate for Sutton Hill at that junction. The Parish Council would pay 25% of costs and Councillors resolved to proceed on this basis. Councillors wished to record thanks to Cllr. Najjar for supporting this request as no member of the Parish Council was able to be present at the meeting.

8. FINANCE: a) Arrangements were made for the signing of 2 cheques totalling £46.00 to be signed.

b) Expenditure remained in line with budget expectations

c) Cllr. Charlick agreed to oversee the presentation of financial data to the Parish Council.

d)The Clerk reminded Councillors that a provisional precept would be set at the November meeting of the Parish Council. Any projected new initiatives should be costed in time to be presented at that meeting for inclusion in the budget.


a) ROWs: There was a request from 1 resident for kissing gates over Great Ground Hill. Application would need to be made to the Area Board and arrangements would need to be made for the fitting of any such gates, carried out by volunteers.

b) The Parish Steward: The Clerk would continue to report to the Parish Steward any work of which she was advised.

c) Safety on C24 for all road users: Nothing further was added.

d) Finger Posts: The Chairman informed Councillors that he intended to remove the finger post at the top of Mill Lane in preparation for refurbishment. Application for an Area Board grant for this work would be investigated.

10 . PARISH WEBSITE: Councillors Howe and Charlick agreed to work on making the parish council website accessible for updates from both the Parish Council and WC. It was hoped this would keep residents better informed. There would be further efforts to improve communication within the parish.

11. PLANNING: 2 planning applications had been considered to which no objection had been made. A further application was pending.

12. CORRESPONDENCE: WC's consultation on draft Climate Strategy and Our Natural Environment Plan remained open on

13. ANY OTHER BUSINESS: There was no further business.

14. DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the Parish Council would take place on Monday 22nd November 2021 at 7.30pm in the Church.


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