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Minutes - Parish Council Meeting - 19 Nov 2018


MINUTES of a Meeting of Sutton Mandeville Parish Council held on 19th November 2018 in Sutton Mandeville Parish Church at 7.30pm - subject to later approval by Councillors

PRESENT: Cllr. H. Collins, Cllr. A. Firth, Cllr. T. Green, Cllr. Mrs K. Billing

IN ATTENDANCE: Cllr. Mrs.J. Green, WC, Mrs. J. Childs, Parish Clerk

No residents were present.

1. APOLOGIES: The Chairman reported that Cllr. Mrs. Thatcher had sent apologies.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTERESTS: No interests were declared.

3. PUBLIC QUESTIONS: The Clerk reported that each of the 3 notice boards required some maintenance. The Chairman suggested on site touch up would be appropriate when weather allowed. Cllr. Firth agreed to report on the condition of all 3 boards at the next Parish Council meeting.

Cllr. Mrs. Billing expressed a preference for a fourth board to better inform residents of the Panters Lane area.

A resident had expressed concern that the website was not up to date. Cllr. Green had made necessary amendments.

A resident had suggested that a defibrillator had proved crucial during an emergency in a local parish and had asked Councillors to consider the purchase of one for Sutton Mandeville parish. The Clerk reported that 2 residents had attended the training in the use of a defibrillator organised by WC through St John's Ambulance. The Clerk was asked to look into the process of acquiring a machine by consulting with local Clerks.

4.MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETINGS HELD ON 3rd September 2018: These were agreed and signed as an accurate record.

5. MATTERS ARISING: Cllr. Mrs. J. Green reported that in relation to Cllr. Mrs. Thatcher's request for improved signage for horses crossing the A30 between 2 bridleways CATG had recommended the sum of £750 for approval by the Area Board with the proviso that the Parish Council met half the cost.

6.WILTSHIRE COUNCILLOR'S REPORT: Cllr. Mrs. Green informed the meeting that a copy of her report would be published in Three Towers.

Cllr. Mrs. Green further added that signs for Neighbourhood Watch which could be attached to telegraph poles were available. She believed they increased awareness for attention to safety and served as a possible deterrent.

£8m had been allocated to WC by Central Government for pothole repairs, highway maintenance and for renewal of worn signage.

Free car parking in WC owned car parks would be available across the county on Sundays from November 19th for the Christmas period.

A meeting of the Area Board would take place on 21st November. The minutes would be available on the WC website. Speeding through villages would be the focus.

Additional Government money would be available for improved broadband speeds in rural areas.

A new Library Service taking books to residents unable to attend libraries, including a visit from a Librarian and a volunteer, either a Library volunteer or a local resident, was being advertised.

7. FINANCE: a) 5 cheques were signed totalling £276.92

b) expenditure was in line with budget agreed. Councillors looked in detail at likely total expenditure for current financial year, sums held in reserve for specific expenditure and projected surplus at the end of the current financial year.


a) Highway matters: The weeds on Glasses Lane noted by Cllr. Mrs. Green would be added to the issue sheet for the December visit of the Parish Steward.

The report on October's metro count at Ham Cross noted the passage of 6600 vehicles in 10 days 85% of which were travelling at 34.78mph or below. It was believed that surrounding environmental factors were keeping speeds in check.

Fly tipping by the railway bridge had been noted. This was not the responsibility of Wiltshire Council.

b) ROW's: Cllr.Thatcher had noted a fallen branch across a bridleway in Fovant. It was believed that she was pursuing the matter through the Parish Clerk at Fovant.

9. PLANNING: A planning meeting had been held on 12th November.

10. CORRESPONDENCE: No additional correspondence was discussed at this meeting.

11. ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Cllr. Firth reported that contractors had completed the work on the Shiny 7 badge on Sutton Down on 31st October. The restoration of the badges had proved a worthy contribution to local events commemorating the centenary of the Armistice. He added that he had attended the Armistice Day service at Westminster Abbey

12. DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING: The meeting closed at 9.05pm.

The next meeting of the Parish Council would take place on Monday January 21st 2019 at 7.30pm in All Saints Church, Sutton Mandeville when the precept for the financial year 2019 - 2020 would be discussed. All would be welcome.


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