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Minutes - Annual Parish Meeting - 14 Mar 2022

Updated: May 23, 2022



including Sutton Row and Lower Chicksgrove



Attendance: Cllr. Mrs. K. Clutterbuck - Vice Chair, Cllr. M. Howes, Cllr. Mrs. C. Cartwright, Cllr. M. Charlick, Cllr. N. Najjar (Wiltshire Council), Mrs. Jane Childs, Parish Clerk, 3 residents were also present

The Vice Chair welcomed all who had attended.

1) APOLOGIES: Cllr. H. Collins - Chair, Sir Jack Deverell, Mr. D. Willis had sent their apologies

2) MINUTES OF THE LAST ANNUAL PARISH MEETING HELD 09 08 2021: These had been accepted as a true record and signed.

3) TO HEAR ANY MATTERS AND CONCERNS RAISED BY RESIDENTS: No new concerns were raised. Cllr. Mrs. Cartwright thanked the Area Board for the recent grant enabling upgrading and improved access on local footpaths with the use of self-closing pedestrian gates, appropriate stockade to keep livestock out and which could be used by buggies and wheelchairs. A walking route from Sutton Mandeville to Fovant would benefit access to both parishes. One resident welcomed the installing of such gates on his land. Cllr. Mrs Cartwright added that this project would be managed by the ROW (Rights of Way) Officer with the help of volunteer groups. All Councillors offered thanks to all concerned.


Wiltshire Councillor: Cllr. Najjar, reported that Full Council had recently agreed the Annual Budget of £480m, an increase of £6m on the previous year and with increased spending on rural areas and highways.

Speeding and road safety remained a problem and for this reason Cllr. Najjar had set up the Chalke Valley Speed and Flood Group, across his division of 15 parish councils which would work in partnership with the Police, Highways and other agencies to secure improved safety on rural roads for all users.

Cllr. Najjar stated that broadband connectivity across the Chalke Valley was making progress and he was delighted that funding to the local Cranborne Chase AONB would continue.

Cllr. Mrs Clutterbuck thanked Cllr. Najjar for his report and for his support. Cllr. Charlick requested a quarterly report from Cllr. Najjar for the parish website.

Parish Clerk: The Parish Council had enjoyed a busy year with a full complement of Councillors. The parish website had been successfully launched, a number of planning applications considered - most with site visits - and with public meetings where necessary.

New "Unsuitable for HGV" signage was awaited for Glasses Lane and Lagpond Lane for vehicles from the A30. A radar operated Traffic Survey had been conducted on the C24, Chicksgrove Road, revealing that most vehicles travelled at below 40mph on the stretches surveyed and once again it was considered that speed on the parish lanes was checked by the nature of the roads. The Highways Officer had advised that it would be a poor use of parish council funds to pay in full for Traffic Surveys at a cost of £2500 for each location and with no guarantee of work to follow. That would not deter the Council from pressing for further improvements when necessary as improved road safety remained an aim.

Councillors were grateful to Cllr. Mrs Cartwright for her work on improving footpaths, reported above. This work would continue as all felt that ROWs were an important part of village life and because Sutton Mandeville was fortunate in having a good number of them. Councillors thanked all land owners who maintained their paths.

Repairs required to a finger post and to notice boards had been noted and these were now underway.

Councillors recognized that this was a most pleasant rural parish in which to live and would continue their efforts to maintain and improve it. It was believed that improved communication had a large part to play in this and all Councillors expressed thanks to Cllr. Charlick for his work on creating the attractive, user friendly and up to date parish website: []

Horticultural Society: Mr. David Willis reported by e mail that it was hoped that there would be a Show in August but that at present the Society lacked a Secretary. The Vice Chair agreed to liaise further with Mr. Willis. Cllr. Charlick suggested the Society submit an article for the parish website. There were no current plans for a Fete.

Walter Allotments and Cemetery: Sir Jack Deverell had sent a written report available at Appendix1.

Lady Jane Deverell reported that all plots were taken, rents had not risen and that income matched expenditure. As the existing bank has indicated its intention to make a monthly charge for the account, alternative banking arrangements were being sought.

The Cemetery remained in good order.

Lady Deverell thanked Cllr. Charlick for the article on the parish website about allotments and requested a copy of Sir Jack's report.

Parochial Church Council: Lady Jane Deverell had provided a full written report available at Appendix 2

The Church building was in reasonable condition; a damaged window, the result of vandalism, had been repaired with costs partly met by insurance but the remainder from Church funds. Two services were held each month, a successful Carol Service had taken place, though with reduced attendance because of Covid, with additional services when needed. Lady Deverell expressed particular thanks to the Vice Chair who organized the very successful monthly lottery.

Whilst it was clear that the Church was valued and appreciated it lacked regular support and attendance at services. The PCC had concluded that the future for the Church seemed difficult without increased support. Added to this was the hard work involved in maintenance of the Church yard currently carried out by volunteers. The Vice Chair suggested an organized volunteer weekend to assist and Cllr. Charlick suggested a call for volunteers on the parish website.

The Clerk reminded Councillors that the Parish Council had donated a sum of £250 to assist with maintenance, but that this had not yet been drawn on. Cllr. Najjar added that he appreciated the problem and regretted that financial support for the Church was not available via a CATG grant; he did though agree to raise the matter with colleagues with responsibility for Heritage.

Cllr. Charlick further suggested an item about the Church on the parish website.

Sutton Heritage Trust: Mr. Antony Firth noted that organised works on the maintenance of the badges had been curtailed during the pandemic as had opportunities for public engagement. He hoped to restart working picnics to restore the bright white appearance of the badges. National Lottery Heritage Funding had ended. Installation of two interpretation boards along with a series of guiding finger posts was awaited. Leaflets had been printed. Mr. Firth remained keen to deliver lectures on the badges and the camps. A much postponed guided walk for Tisbury Footpath Club was planned for May and a summer tour later in the year. Aims included increased membership and further public engagement.

Cllr. Charlick welcomed items for the parish website including dates for future working picnics and other events.

5) ANY OTHER BUSINESS: The Vice Chair recalled that the Council had proposed the planting of a tree for the Platinum Jubilee in the Cemetery but had learnt that this required a rather expensive diocesan faculty licence. However it has since been discovered that this matter is covered by an archdeacon's licence and arrangements would now be made to proceed with selecting a tree and organising a plaque.

The Vice Chair thanked all who had offered reports and Cllr. Najjar for his attendance and willingness to take forward parish interests. She further thanked all who picked up litter, distributed Three Towers and who contributed keeping the parish so pleasant.

The meeting closed at 8.15pm with further thanks to all from the Vice Chair.

There was no further business for the Parish Council.

Appendix 2

Parochial Church Council_Report_140322
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