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Footpaths Brief - Claire Cartwright - Feb 2023

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Rights of Way Sutton Mandeville Report February 2023

We have some wonderful footpaths in our parish and as a council we want to ensure these are maintained and are safe to walk along with maximising access.

Update on matters raised March 2022 - February 2023

1. An annual audit of all Rights of Way (RoW) is being carried out and will be available when complete. It should be performed annually.

This is continuing to be updated by our Parish Councillor dog walkers. This then feeds into point 6 for action. If you have any concerns please contact me (Claire) to add to the audit, so that we can discuss with the Wiltshire Council RoW wardens.

2. Purchase of gates and installation during the course of the year (2022/3) to enable a loop for motorised wheelchair users and those with push chairs.

The gates have been purchased and are awaiting installation which will hopefully occur late spring / summer 2023. These will enable a loop to be ‘walked’ for motorised wheelchair users or pushchair users - SMAN 2 - 7 - 3.

3. As and when issues to footpaths occur they should initially be resolved by the landowner.

Clearance of SMAN31 has been performed. This is the path that runs along the fence in Whitmarsh wood with Common View field on the other side

I thank the landowner for doing this as it enables walkers to use this path and reduces the risk of interaction of walkers and livestock. It links the well used path through Whitmarsh Woods to Tisbury / Castle Ditches (TIS43 and SMAN32).

I am looking forward to seeing the bluebells in the Whitmarsh Woods, with the management of the woods that the land owners are undertaking these should be even more glorious in years to come.

4. If there is a loss of signs from the highway report this using ‘MyWilts’.

The ‘MyWilts’ app has been updated. It is very useful when out walking to be able to report issues as you come across them. The update has enabled me to report several issues around the parish. The really good aspect of this app is that you are kept up to date with action on your report, and you know that is being handled by the correct department. This app is not just useful for Public Rights of Way issues, but also reporting potholes and fly tipping.

5. If there are issues with way markers not identifying the correct route then contact Claire Cartwright, via the parish website (See Contact Us).

I have some way-markers for footpaths and bridleways. I am hoping to walk some of the footpaths with landowners and put up way-markers using the definitive footpath map.

6. Upgrading of access according to BS5709 and prioritising according to the wishes of the community.

The parish has been approached to purchase two pedestrian gates to replace some stiles that are along SMAN1 along the water meadow along from the Mill House. These have been budgeted for by the Parish Council for 2023/4.

There has also been a report of a slippery bridge on the bridle way SMAN27 (see map below), the parish council has spoken to the landowner who took quick remedial action to resolve the issue.

Image of the bridge with new anti-slip measures installed:

7. We are here to listen to the community, and support resolutions on RoW issues.

Wishing you all good walking in our beautiful countryside and valley.


Claire-Louise Cartwright

Sutton Mandeville Parish Councillor

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