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Village Buzz Magazine - Digital Version

Village Buzz’ - a colourful and well produced local community magazine, published each month by Gill Fisk and Jan Kalinowski of Compton Chamberlayne.

In it you will find articles about:

  • local news, the farming year, flora and fauna

  • details of church services in all Nadder Valley churches

  • travel & history of both local and wider interest

  • gardening advice, delicious recipes, a sudoku challenge, a crossword, more...

  • winners of the monthly Lucky Number draw for All Saints Church, Sutton


Until December 2022, Village Buzz was produced in a compact printed format, delivered free to households in eleven communities of the Nadder Valley.

From January ’23 it became available only as a digital online version to avoid the unworkable increase in costs of paper and printing, with the benefit of reaching a wider audience.

The Village Buzz is funded by local advertisers.

Use this link to open the current edition: Use this link for access to previous editions:

Click on any monthly cover to open the magazine.

The editors also welcome contributions so please contact them at:

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