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Planning Application - The Stables, Sutton Hill - PC Update

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Parish Council Public Meeting (to consider this application):

Monday 27 June at 6.00pm

All Saints Church, Sutton Mandeville

Consultation deadline: 28 June 2022


PL/2022/03875 - Full Planning Permission LAND ADJ TO THE STABLES, SUTTON HILL, SUTTON MANDEVILLE SP3 5ND Construction of four bedroom detached dwelling and car barn with associated vehicular access. Mr and Mrs Ben Allen

Case Officer: Becky Jones 28-06-2022

The plans may be viewed on the Wiltshire Council website.



Stance : Object


Following the public council meeting on Monday 27th June 2022 at 6pm, the Parish Council came to the following conclusion regarding the application for a new house to be built on land next door to “The Stables” on Sutton Hill:

The PC decided to OBJECT to the application on the grounds that-

- It would constitute a new development on an entirely greenfield site in an AONB.

- It would adversely affect the character of the local landscape and that of the surrounding AONB.

- It would set an undesirable precedent in the village for further development of greenfield sites that separate clusters of houses in the village.

- There is concern towards the potential damage to the local ecology.

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